Homework, neighbors, cell phones, Facebook, tv, and parents are just a few of the many things competing for our attention today.  It’s a challenge to tune out the noise of the world to focus on our own spiritual growth.  Sometimes, in order to do that, we must get away to a new environment with a spiritual focus.  The Upper Midwest offers regional conferences throughout the year that offer you a chance to pull away from the noise and refocus your God-centered priorities while growing in relationship with others and bringing the gospel to a lost world.


LifeOps_thumbOur vision is not just to help students while they are on campus, but to prepare you for a lifetime of ministry and growing closer to God.  As you become a Junior and Senior, questions of what to do after college and how to have a lifetime of ministry are on your mind. Life Options was designed to help give Juniors and Seniors Godly direction and vision for what it can mean for you to be a lifetime laborer of the gospel wherever God calls you.  This conference will challenge your eternal perspective, equip you to bring the gospel to your marketplace and mission field, and if you are interested we will give you an opportunity to learn about becoming a staff member with Cru to help us reach more students just like you.


TCXthumbFour days. For change. For life. This is TCX. 1500 students gather annually Dec 28-Jan 1 from our five state region (IA, MN, ND, SD, and WI) for four days of seeking God together.  We hear teaching from men and women who walk with Jesus such as John Piper and Crawford Loritts, we grow in friendship with others from our campus, and we serve the community by delivering boxes of food and the gospel to families in need.  God uses this timely conference in the midst of our Christmas break to refocus us on having Christ-like character and a heart for bringing the gospel to our families, our campus, and the world.


fastbreak_thumbPeer pressure, grades, parents, and a love for trips away from home are all things that high schoolers at the Fastbreak conference have in common.  High school and middle school students involved in Cru movements around the Upper Midwest gather over MLK weekend in January for Fastbreak, a three-day winter conference filled with fun, training, and worship.


KC_thumbEvery year hundreds of students from our region follow God’s heart for the world by choosing to bring the gospel to the world for a summer or a year. The Kingdom Called conference is a time to meet your team, be trained in how to share Christ in a new culture, and to trust God together for the gospel to go around the world. If you are a Stinter (one-year overseas), intern, or overseas summer project member, this conference is your kick-off to a great step of faith.


Legacy_thumbThe greatest story ever told is about Jesus Christ. And the greatest story that will ever be told about you or me or anyone, is the story of God in their lives. As an ethnic minority, our family history and ethnic background is another significant part about our story. Legacy is a conference for ethnic minority students and staff. We will talk about how our cultural background has shaped us, and also how our cultural background is a gift to be cherished and a gift to be stewarded for the kingdom of God.